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Most Popular Auto Male Masturbator, You Can't Miss

Smart Bluetooth Male Auto Masturbator

This fully automatic male masturbator has 10 different thrust rotation modes and speeds.

In particular, its Bluetooth function can connect your phone. Real human voice interaction will definitely allow you to experience the real pleasure of sexual intercourse.


Learn more about automatic male stroker

Are you looking for a great bedroom thrill? If so,then you are in luck. The automatic male masturbator won’t numb your hands. If you want to enjoy easy hands-free sex, then hands free automatic male masturbator is undoubtedly the best in male masturbation life. And the electric male masturbator sex toy makes masturbation more fun. Don’t worry if you’re buying a vibrating masturbator for the first time. lists the best auto masturbators for you. Our electric masturbator will give you more sexual pleasure than ever before.

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No doubt. Many men like automatic masturbator for men. I believe you will like them too. Are you wondering why? I will tell you the answer below. But you have to try electric masturbator for men. After you experience that feeling if you believe me. Your orgasm will be very sensitive and super explosive!

An best electric masturbator is a masturbator that works automatically with a recharge or battery. It’s better than a manual masturbator. That’s because they will automatically pump your dick. You don’t have to move it up and down your penis with your hands.

However, best electric male masturbator interiors are filled with special patterns and texture overlays. Simulate vagina, anus, or oral as accurately as possible. So, when you push your dick with the automatic masturbator male, you’ll feel like fucking a real pussy or ass.

Even better, the textures on the inside can do things that hands can’t. It effectively stimulates the small nerve endings in the penis, which is not possible with ordinary hand masturbation.

Also, some male auto strokers have heating options. This means that when you masturbate you will reach the temperature of the actual vaginal or rectal area. With different speeds and intensities, you can also make different masturbation movements. All you have to do is stick your dick in that toy hole, sit down, and spread out on your bed. Click and enjoy automatic powerful telescopic sucking vagina massage male masturbator!

Maybe you’ve wanted to own a vibrating male stroker many times. But you’ll wonder if it’s worth buying it. Yes, the vibrating male masturbator is indeed much better than a hand or even a manual sex toy.

In my opinion, an automatic penis masturbator is worth having. This is a nice sex toy.

Automatic male masturbators are specially made pleasure devices. It can effectively stimulate the nerve endings in or around the penis. Automatic male masturbator cups are designed to simulate what real sex feels like. Whether it’s oral sex, vaginal sex, or anal sex, it’s the perfect solution for you.

In addition, the male automatic masturbator has a variety of different speeds and modes for you to choose from. Each mode has a strong sense of hierarchy. With an automatic male stroker, you can get rid of fatigue and free your hands.

In fact, even if many people don’t want to talk about masturbators, almost every adult male has used them. At the same time, in our thinking, a lot of people think that people who can’t have sex with girls use masturbators. However, this is not the case. For example, even if you have a girlfriend, she doesn’t want to have sex with you anytime, anywhere. So what should you do? Or your wife is inconvenient to have sex with you for some reason. How will you meet your sexual needs? Well, the best automatic male masturbator would be your best bet.

Go ahead and choose the best male automatic masturbator ​for yourself at Mymasturbators. This way, you will never get bored.


If you’re buying an electric male masturbator cup, you want to make the best choice, don’t you? However, you should consider different things when looking for the best automatic male masturbator. Below we will introduce some knowledge to you. Will help you choose the best automatic masturbator in Mymasturbators.

If you are new to masturbation. Well, you should first know that masturbation’s pleasure depends on a variety of factors. Such as:

  • Types of masturbators
  • Size
  • Softness
  • Internal structure

These will be important factors that affect the pleasure of masturbation.

First of all.

Automatic masturbators include automatic male masturbators, hands-free automatic masturbators, auto blowjob masturbators, and so on. Are you sure you need that type of automatic masturbator?

Next is size.

You need to know your penis size. This is definitely something you should consider. However, the good thing is that these mens vibrating masturbators are suitable for almost everyone.

You also need to consider the size of the male auto stroker itself. If you want to take it with you, then you need to choose a different model. instead of just using it in the bedroom. Or, if you want to keep it more discreet, size can also play a role.

Hardness degree.

Masturbator softness is a factor that differentiates male preference.

Soft automatic penis masturbator is very attractive. It fits snugly over the entire penis.

Hard male vibrating masturbator can provide intense stimulation.

Internal structure.

There are a lot of differences between the inside of a male masturbator automatic.

  • The internal structure of a realistic vagina: The inner structure of the realistic vagina provides real vaginal sexual pleasure.
  • The internal structure of the anus.

However, if you like oral sex, then the automatic blowjob masturbator is definitely a good choice for you.

By the way. I like a vibrating male masturbator cup that resemble female vaginas. It can make you feel like having sex with a real woman.

From my experience, I think the above method is the best way to choose the best automatic masturbator. If you need a satisfactory masturbator, then you just need to enter in the Google Chrome search bar. You can find the most suitable automatic masturbator machines for you. And you won’t be embarrassed.

Cleaning is an important part of our use of any sex toy. If it’s not cleaned thoroughly, it can harbor bacteria or spread disease, and it can even shorten the life of your penis. It can also cause a bad smell, and I don’t think you’ll get the sexual pleasure that a nasty auto male stroker can.

So it is very important to clean and store auto male masturbators properly.

Some guys choose to clean their automatic male masturbators the easy way, and it’s definitely not enough. We should clean them with warm or soapy water. For best results, try washing them with an antibacterial soap.

Electric male masturbators, on the other hand, should be dried immediately after cleaning. Please do not shake to help dry, in order to keep hygienic and sanitary, you need to dry thoroughly. Because bacteria also breed in water, if there are water droplets in your automatic penis stroker, bacteria will breed here, turning your masturbation pen into a breeding ground for all kinds of filth. The best thing to do is grab a clean, soft towel and dry your electronic male masturbator as best you can.

Once you are satisfied that your toys are thoroughly dry, you can put them away.

Note: Make sure the motor and battery ports are dry before placing them in the case.

When you need to enjoy better sexual pleasure, you need some lubricant to add more pleasure. If your auto suction male masturbator is made of silicone, you’ll want to make sure you use a water-based lube. Of course, be sure to wash the lube thoroughly after each use.

You may be wondering how to use an automatic male masturbator. The following will help you better use auto male masturbator and get the best results.

Always Read Instructions

As with any male masturbator, the first thing to do is read the instruction manual for your new automatic masturbators. It includes instructions on how to operate and maintain your new equipment.

Lube Your Penis

When you have your automatic male masturbator cup ready, all you have to do is grease it. Make sure to use a water-based lube. Because oil-based or silicone-based lubricants can damage the silicone material and cause surface deterioration and cracking.

Clean Before and After Each Use

Over time, airborne bacteria and dust may settle on the surface of the pen. It’s always best to keep your devices in a storage device. So you must rinse or clean your auto masturbators before putting your penis in them.


After washing, let your pendant dry. You may have noticed that your cuffs are a bit sticky. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. To prevent sticking, just sprinkle some special powder (or cornstarch) on the masturbator.

Once done, place the male electric masturbator in the sleeve and box. Turn everything off and store your vibrator until next time.

Finally, here are some tips for using the male auto stroker

  • Lie on your back. Before entering the penis, rub the penis against the penis hole.
  • Lie on your back with the masturbator tucked under your pillow. Go missionary style, as if you are on top of your partner.

Automatic male masturbators are purpose-built pleasure devices that pinpoint the nerve endings in, on, or around the penis. They are designed to mimic the feel of real human interaction.

Every sex toy on the market is pretty cool between clever marketing, packaging, and innovative design. But a few male masturbators are truly unique, so let’s take a look at Mymasturbators’ top 5 electric male masturbators.

No1. 4 In 1 Auto Thrusting Sucking Male Masturbator

This is a really wild automatic masturbator. It has 4 powerful suctions and 10 vibrations and reasoning functions. Generating reliable orgasms with powerful electric motors.

Overall, it is the most versatile and popular automatic male masturbator.

No2. 6-in-1 Huge Size 7 Thrusting Hands Free Heating Masturbation Cup

Maximum size powerful vibrating male masturbator cup at Mymasturbators. It fits all sizes of penises. It comes with a heated base. Plug in 5 minutes in advance, and it will automatically heat up to the most realistic temperature of 42°C. Let you feel wonderful sex anytime, anywhere.

No3. Waterproof Blowjob Masturbator Cup

This is a full body waterproof auto suck masturbator. You can use it in the bathtub or swimming pool for real water sex fun.

No4. Handheld Automatic Blowjob Masturbator

The most popular handheld automatic masturbator. It looks like a woman’s mouth, and it is very small and suitable for going out or traveling.

No5. Automatic Blowjob Male Masturbator

This is one of the funniest automatic blowjob masturbators. It has 4 suction and 6 vibration modes. Using SONIC technology, it fully achieves the softness of real sucking. Whether it’s sucking power, tight wrapping, or swallowing, it can make you feel real oral sex.

In addition to that, we also feature a collection of automatic masturbators for men featuring your favorite porn stars. Includes hands-free masturbator, blowjob masturbator, penis pump, and pocket pussy, all great for harder erections and enhancing your sex life.


Customer Questions & Answers

Automatic male masturbators come in a variety of styles, features, and sizes. So when you’re ready to buy one, there’s a lot to learn in order to buy the best one for you. If you know exactly how you want to feel and your budget, then you can find the best. Please check out our customer Q&A, it may help you.

A: First of all, you should know that it is not complicated, it is a very simple masturbator. Secondly, please read the instruction manual carefully before use. Or maybe it looks simple. But if you understand it, then you may not be using it correctly. Finally, before using, please wash, then apply lube to your dick. If you can, wear a condom and watch some porn, you’ll have a lot more fun.

A: Yes! You can have your partner control the automatic masturbator for you so you can lie back and enjoy the experience. Let them be in charge of moving the dilator up and down your shaft and controlling its speed and intensity.

A: Yes it’s 100% discreet package. This male sex toy is packed in a discreet box, no sensitive words and tags on the box. Visit our Shipping Policy page, where you can see what the packaging looks like.


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