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This hands-free electric masturbator has 7 push-pull vibration modes.

The masturbator is equipped with an audio function that allows you to listen to the moaning of the little girl.


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Do you want to buy the best hand free masturbator? Well, you’ve come to the right place. These hands free male masturbators are the most advanced male sex toys in the world. At Mymasturbators.com, you can get the best hands free male stroker for only $20+.

“Cleaning” is an important part of any sex toy we use. If we don’t clean it thoroughly after using sex toys, it can lead to the growth of bacteria or the spread of disease. Male handsfree masturbator will even shorten the lifespan of the masturbator. So you need to wash them thoroughly after use.

  • First, make sure you eliminate any moving parts or make sure water doesn’t get into them.
  • Second, wash your hands-free masturbator in warm water, making sure to thoroughly clean any part of the device.
  • Third, pat dry from the outside with a clean dry cloth and dry as deep as possible. Dry in a well-ventilated place.

At last. Store the best hands free masturbators ​in a dry environment.

When choosing the right best male hands free masturbator, you need to know the necessary information and features. If you don’t, then maybe you’ll feel dissatisfied and frustrated.

Usually, you should make your choice based on material, and size.


When it comes to choosing the right male masturbators hands free for you, it comes down to your personal choices and preferences. Some people prefer a small vagina and anus, while others need a medium or large vaginal and anus. The best handsfree masturbator for you depends on your experience and the size of your penis.


Male masturbators are usually made of silicone or TPE materials. You should prefer silicone. Because the material is non-porous and durable. Carefully selected silicone hands-free masturbators to create a pleasurable experience. And it is easy to clean. The hands-free male masturbator device which made of TPE is relatively cheap.

Maybe you think a men hands free masturbator looks simple. But it may take time to experience the beauty and magic of it. Read on to help you enjoy strong feelings and arouse your intense orgasm.

Check the manual of the handsfree male masturbators

The proper reading of the manual for a hands-free masturbator can make it an efficient service. It aims to get the most out of your investment.

Check all parts of the automatic hands free masturbator

You have to set the hands-free masturbator you bought.

First, you need to check each component and make sure it’s in good working order. For example, if you purchase a vacuum sucker masturbator. You have to make sure it can be attached to a wall or that the base is strong enough to support your weight.

However. You must relax your body when using hands free male masturbators.

Create a romantic atmosphere

Best hands free male masturbators can provide you with a more intimate experience. You need to dim the light if you’re playing some cute, quiet music or watching a porn movie before using it. This will greatly enhance your sexual experience.

Be sure to use lubricating oil before the game

When using a hands free penis masturbator, you must use lube. Apply lube to the opening of the masturbator and your big dick. Because hands-free masturbators provide automatic penis stimulation. If your genitals are not lubricated enough, you can bruise your penis. So always keep it lubricated!

Take it slow and enjoy

After everything is ready. You can experiment with constant vacuum and suction strength. Slowly increase the speed. You will enjoy the real pleasure of masturbation.

Finally, remember to sanitize and wash your hands-free masturbator after use.

Hands free masturbators have become a must-have for men. They want to please themselves in the best possible way. without straining the wrist and causing the penis to die.

Mens hands free masturbator can even relieve stress. And help train your penis muscles so you can have sex with your partner for longer.

However, sexual pleasure is always pleasant. It’s even more so when you’re enjoying real sexual pleasure without having to tire your hands. You can choose an hands free male masturbator with suction to avoid wrist fatigue. This high-end sex toy will provide you with an absolutely wild solo thrill. After sexual passion, you will find this feeling has only happened in your fantasies!

Therefore, it is necessary to use hands free mens masturbator. This will completely change your sex game.

Hands free male stroker is an automated sex toy. It allows the sexual experiencer to get the maximum sexual pleasure with the least effort. The hands free masturbator cup truly simulates a realistic sex experience. At the same time, it also completely frees the user’s hands and avoids wrist strain. The best hands free male masturbator is designed to provide an exciting, powerful feeling and truly hands free.

There are many different types of hands free masturbators on the market. You can choose a product that you like and that gives you the best pleasure. It stimulates the vaginal/anal or oral of a real woman. Often the penis can be tightly wrapped for hyper-real sexual pleasure. Since most of them are motor operated, you get a completely hands-free sex experience.


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